Visionary Art

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Ayahuasca Visionary Artists:

Click on the artist’s name to learn more and see an extensive sample of his/her artwork.

Pablo Amaringo  Recognized as one of the world’s great visionary artists, Pablo Amaringo was renowned for his intricate, colorful paintings inspired by his ayahuasca visions.

Anderson Debernardi  One of founding students of the Usko-Ayar Amazonian School of Painting, created in 1988 in the city of Pucallpa by Pablo Amaringo and Luis Eduardo Luna.

Felix Pinchi Aguirre  After taking ayahuasca for the the first time, Felix says he found a purpose for his art and a way to connect people with the forest, the universe and illuminate the soul.

Juan Carlos Taminchi  Discovering the world of the spirits and sacred plants allowed Juan to develop his unique approach to art based on his relationship with mother earth.

Paolo Del Aguila Sajami

Ruysen Flores Venancino

Jhefferson Saldaña Valera (JheffAu)

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